High Energy Breakfast of Champions

Aid your sporting performance with this carb-heavy, energy boosting breakfast. Guaranteed to have you sprinting from box-to-box for the whole 90 minutes.


  • 100% Mars whey protein powder – 1 scoop
  • Whole porridge oats – 100g
  • Original PPB (powered peanut butter) – 12g
  • Almond milk – 100ml
  • Banana – 1
  • Mars Xtra choc protein bar – 1


Add protein powder, porridge oats and almond milk into a bowl and mix thoroughly. Place in fridge and leave to set overnight.

Remove from the fridge in the morning and place mixture in a breakfast bowl. Chop your banana and protein bar and add to the bowl.

Mix PPB with warm water until runny and pour over breakfast.

Your mouth will be watering just looking at it!


Nutrition (868 calories)

  • Protein – 60g
  • Carbohydrates – 116.2g
  • Fat – 17.8g



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