Compound Lifting: Build a Bigger Physique Faster

Greater results in less time, how does that sound? Adding compound lifts into your muscle building plan is key to achieving superior results.

Compound lifts involve multiple joints, work several muscle groups at once and they create the greatest change in body composition in the shortest time.

Compound lifting is also a proven, time efficient, muscle building workout. So anyone struggling for gym time should definately include these exercises into their programme.

Another benefit of compound lifting is that it will improve overall strength and size far more effictively, compared to a muscle building plan with only isolation exercises (one muscle group per workout).

Many gym-goers often prioritise isolation exercises over mass building movements but compound lifting stimulates more muscle fibers and enhances recovery.

The heart is forced to work harder when compound lifting, thus, improving our cardiovascular system, metabolic rate and fat burning potential.

Combined with good nutrition and sleeping patterns, compound lifting will drastically improve your overall fitness levels.

Compound lifts and the muscles they work?

Barbell deadlifts

  • Glutes, hamstrings, quads, lats, traps, deltoids and core.

Barbell squats

  • Glutes, hamstrings, quads, calves, lower back, hip abductors and core.

Clean and press

  • Shoulders, traps, triceps, lower and middle back, abdominals, glutes, quads, hamstrings and calves.

Barbell bench press

  • Pecs, triceps, anterior deltoid and traps.

Wide-grip lat pull-downs

  • Lats, biceps and forearms.


Include compound lifting into your muscle building plan for superior results.

You could either build your whole training programme around compound lifts. For example, three heavy sessions per week, alternating between the exercises listed above or just add a couple of them throughout the week alongside your isolation workouts.


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