How to Transform Your Body: The Prime Principles

In order to transform your body you need to first change your mindset. Changing your body is tough and it’s the way you think just as much as diet and exercise that will ensure you reach your goals.

You need to focus your mind otherwise you can easily fall back into old habits, which can have a damaging affect on sustainting the required lifestyle changes.

Many people often start the new year with plans to get fit and be healthier. However, they forget that to do this you need to do more than just start going to the gym.

Achieving your goals and transforming your body takes time, effort, discipline, willpower and motivation.

Incorporating all of the above into your thought process is paramount to succeeding on your transformation journey.

Adopting the following principles into your life will significantly improve the chances of you achieving your fitness goals and transforming your body.

Prime Principles


  • This is first on the list because without passion for what you’re doing, how can you expect to achieve anything if it doesn’t really interest you? Enough said.

Set yourself short-term goals in order to achieve your long-term vision.

  • Short-term targets are key to achieving the long-term vision you have for your appearance. For example, a monthly goal such as losing a certain amount of body fat, cutting back on alcohol for a specific amount of time or attending a certain amount of gym classes each week. Always have a goal in mind, it will help you focus your energy.

Educate yourself, read fitness and nutrition articles.

  • This is a great way to stay focused, interested and motivated. The more you know about health and fitness, the more it will benefit you and your workouts. There is so much available online now because of the digital age we live in. Take advantage, learn about nutrition, your body and different training methods. How can you expect to achieve your goals if you have no idea what you’re doing?

Nutrition is vital, a cheat meal is fine, a cheat day isn’t. It’s all about balance.

  • Many people will put the hours in at the gym all week only to then go and have a whole day gorging on bad food, then wonder why they’re not getting leaner or fitting into a smaller sized dress. To lose fat you need to burn more calories than you eat over a sustained period of time. I myself crave pizza a lot of the time but i’ll restrict my calorie intake if I know i’m going to cheat. If you’re going to cheat be sensible, treat yourself to one meal a week and make sure you’ve earned it! Completely forget having a cheat day, the calories add up fast and you will ruin all your hard work by binging on cakes, chocolate and fast food, if you’re not careful. Prepare and plan your meals, you’re less likely to stop by McDonalds on your lunch break by doing this. Download My Fitness Pal and check the nutrition information on the food you buy.

Focus on progression, don’t try and do too much to soon.

  • Killing yourself in the gym for a couple of hours everyday will make you dread the thought of going, leave you exhausted and struggling to move the next day. Ease yourself into a new routine, start with simple exercises and gradually increase your output the fitter you become. Remember, it’s a marathon not a sprint, results won’t happen overnight.

Mix it up.

  • I see so many people in the gym doing the same boring routine over and over again. 20 minutes on the treadmill, 10 minutes on the rowing machine etc. Workouts become boring which has a damaging affect on motivation. Try different things, remember you don’t just need a gym to get fit, you can do HIIT classes in your living room or go for a run at the park. See what classes your gym has to offer and give them a try. Spinning, circuits, strength and conditioning, there’s plenty of different training methods, challenge yourself and step out of your comfort zone. Mixing it up will shock your muscles, improve results, aid motivation and keep you interested and focused on your goals.

The above principles will help you transform your body but remember, it’s all about mindset. Incorporating all of the above takes:

Time – Results don’t happen overnight, stick with it and remember why you started.

Effort – Going to the gym, working out, challenging yourself and learning about health and fitness takes a lot of effort. Without this you will achieve nothing.

Discipline – Get into a routine, be consistent, make the neccessary lifestyle changes and focus your energy.

Willpower – Eating the right food, drinking and partying less, getting up early to train or going to the gym after a long day at work takes a lot of willpower.

Motivation – Remember health is wealth, read about health and fitness, set goals, increase output over time, keep your workouts fresh and make time for meal preparation. Doing this will keep you motivated.



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