High Protein Low Calorie Breakfast

So, you’re dieting but getting bored of porridge. This quick, simple and delicious ham and poached egg English muffin has only 288 calories and a whopping 25.3 grams of protein.


  • Smoked ham – 2 slices
  • Wholemeal toasted muffin – 1
  • Poached egg – 1

Method (preperation – 10 minutes)

Cut the muffin in half and toast, then immediately stir your pre-boiled, two centimeters deep water around with a knife, then crack an egg into the saucepan.

Stirring your water before dropping an egg into it and having minimal water in your saucepan will ensure you have a nice, flat, perfectly shaped poached egg.

By the time your muffin is toasted your egg will be poached, assuming you prefer your yolk runny.

Place two slices of ham onto the muffin followed by your poached egg, add some pepper, job done!


  • Protein – 25.3 grams
  • Carbohydrates – 26.6 grams
  • Fat – 8.3 grams


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