500 Rep Full-body Punisher Circuit

Anyone cutting or wanting to improve their agility and endurance should try this high intensity, full body circuit. Guaranteed to burn calories, leave you fatigued and gasping for breath upon completion.

All you need is a towel, a bottle of water and the motivation to give it your all. Oh, and obviously some gym equipment, which any decent gym will provide.

This workout will blitz your core, lower and upper body and if followed correctly should be completed in approximately 30 minutes (if you have a good level of fitness already).

Obviously the emphasis here is on completing the 500 reps, so push yourself and keep going until you complete the circuit.

To maximize the benefits of your workout and burn as much fat as possible, I recommend starting the circuit first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, straight after your weight training session (if your schedule allows it).

Anyway, on to the workout…

***Disclaimer: Beasts only, not for the half hearted***




  • Body thrust, straight into box jump – X10 reps of each exercise (if you can’t do body thrusts do 20 box jumps).
  • Clap press-ups – X10 reps.
  • Narrow and wide 15kg kettlebell squats – X10 reps (one of each = one rep).
  • Handstand press-ups, up against a wall – X10 reps.
  • Stability ball side steps with kettlebell – X10 reps (one on each leg = one rep).
  • 15kg medicine ball slams – X10 reps (remember to squat down, jump up and slam the ball down as hard as possible).
  • In then out – X10 reps (in: Legs come in between your arms. Out: Legs go outside your arms. One of each = one rep).
  • Burpees – X10 reps.
  • 12kg kettlebell squat thruster – X10 reps (one on each arm = one rep).

So, that’s 100 reps complete.

  • Five sets = 500 reps.
  • 60-90 seconds rest between sets.

Top tips

  • Breathe during reps and remember that good form is vital.
  • Stay hydrated, sip water in between sets.
  • Have a protein shake upon completion.
  • Don’t forget to stretch, before and after your workout.
  • Eat a good meal within an hour to restore depleted energy levels.

No pain, no gain!


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